PostHeaderIcon A VERY Cool Holiday Party: HIVE-FX Throws It Down


Photo fun, Juan Martinez, Gretchen Miller, Matt Estes, Jim Clark, Gretchen, Pennie Trumbull, Rob Samples, Lisa Schroeder at HIVE-FX

HO-HO-HI-JINKS: The good people at HIVE-FX work their ass off to make sure those creatures you see on the television hit, GRIMM, look so friggin' real (they also do a lot of work for clients like Nike). So, it's no surprise that Gretchen Miller, Jim Clark and the rest of the HIVE crew would also party their asses off too. And that's exactly what these fun guys and gals did at the annual HIVE-FX Holiday Party deep in the bowels of inner-Southeast industrial Portland.

For this particular party, fueled by sushi, cricket-covered snacks and lots of frothy alcohol, Gretchen and Jim set up an actual "homey-holiday-looking" set featuring the best/worst holiday props/costumes ever. Of course, I tore off my clothes and grabbed a "Buddy, The Elf" outfit...which I did not take off for the entire evening (well, except to expose my ass for a very quick pic).

Others dressed as an reindeer-ran-over grandmas, rednecks, boat people and the cast of the worst ever holiday sweater pageant. IT WAS TOO MUCH FUN!...well..until somebody sat on the pool table and broke it (pssst...the party was that good!).

Here are pics from the party that I personally snapped. When I get a link to the "other" photos I promise to put it up here too.

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