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Bill Oakley, Jonathan Adler, Rachel Pulido, Jonathan, Sheila Hamilton, Lake Perriguey, shoppers and wall statement at the Pearl District Jonathan Adler shop

HAPPY CHIC: Iconic potter, designer, author, TV heartthrob, hubby to Simon Doonan and all-around cool guy, Jonathan Adler, made a quick visit to Portland on Wednesday for a one-night, in-store event and book signing ("100 Ways To Happy Chic Your Life," available at here) at his absolutely fabulous Jonathan Adler store with 10-percent of the sales from the evening benefit going to the Museum of Contemporary Craft in partnership with Pacific Northwest College of Art.

Adler opened his first store in the Pacific Northwest in Portland’s Pearl District this past summer. Since then, the design company dedicated to bringing style, craft, joy, and a general feeling of "grooviness" to peoples homes has been doing just that for Portlanders.

Portland art, design and community leaders hosting the event include Namita Wiggers (director and chief curator of the Museum of Contemporary Craft), Bob Speltz, Dwight Adkins, Heidi McBride, artist Manya Shapiro, Luis Rueda, Cindy Sato, Sheila Hamilton, Randy Higgins, Heather Amuny-Dey and Carl Alviani. Elsewhere in the crowd was a who's who of local celebs including Portlandia writer Bill Oakley and his wife, The Simpsons scribe Rachel Pulido, HIVE-FX's Gretchen Miller, film director John Harrison, Ace Hotel's Lisa Lavora, Gov. Kitzhaber's Arts and Culture Advisor Kendall Clawson, and KGW head honcho D.J. Wilson among other glittery folks.

Jonathan told me he LOVES Portland for its "groovy vibe" and is a big fan of all things Portlandia, so it was very cool to be able to introduce him to Portlandia's own Bill Oakley, one of the main engines for that incredible show, and his wife, Rachel Pulido. Oakley and Pulido love Adler and vice versa. In fact, the whole party was one giant love fest...with really good pillows and home furnishings..and a really cute designer in white jeans.

Watch for my full interview with Jonathan in an upcoming issue of "Explore The Pearl."

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