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Ryan Downs Multnomah County mugshot from Tuesday afternoon

Ryan Downs was arrested today in Northwest Portland.

His name might not be familiar to you, but it is very familiar to the cast members of Real World Portland, the MTV reality show that just recently finished up taping in The Pearl District and Portland, Oregon.

Downs, while not actually one of the 'seven strangers picked to live in a house,' was spotted frequently at local clubs with members of the cast. In my reporting of the roomies recent stay in Portland, Downs was a name that would often pop up in conversation.

From what I understand from police reports is a theft was reported early this afternoon at Patty’s Closet at 820 NW 23rd Ave. Downs, a Patty’s Closet employee, is suspected of taking clothes from Patty’s Closet and selling them to Crossroads Resale, a clothing store at 128 NW 23rd Ave. (Crossroads was not aware of this illegal activity). Downs, 28, has been arrested on three counts of theft and is in the Multnomah County Jail.

As for The Real World Portland, we will have to wait and see if Downs actually makes it on to the show or just ends up on the cutting room floor. For now though here are pics from this summer of Downs out on the town at Fez Ballroom with cast members Jessica McCain, 21, (top) and Jordan Wiseley, 22 (Downs is in the Bieber t-shirt, Wiseley is on the far right). Решение от плохого мобильного сигнала Вам поможет - Усилитель сотовой связи , с помощью усилителя можно усилить связь в квартире, загородном доме, в подвальном помещении!

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