PostHeaderIcon My Half-Naked Holiday: The Oregon Bears Holiday Show


The Bears backstage, David, Mr. Cub, and Jason, Mr. Oregon Bear 2013, Maria Council, Santa/Me, the boys of Sneakin' Out and the Portland Lesbian Choir

ALMOST BEAR-ING IT ALL: I didn't plan to take off my pants. But there they were. On the floor, next to the rest of my clothes.

A while ago I was asked if I would be the "secret Santa" at the Oregon Bears Annual Holiday Show. I said yes...and then went about finding a decent Santa ensemble. The best I could come up was one from Target.

So, on Sunday, I headed to the Alberta Rose Theater, with my costume in tow and watched the incredible bear-friendly holiday show that included performances by the Bearatones from Seattle, The Portland Lesbian Choir, members of the Imperial Sovereign Rose Court, and my buddies from Sneakin' Out.

In between there was banter from emcee Zara Phoenix and Mr. Oregon Bear and Cub 2013, who both kicked ass during the auction. David and Jason make quite a team.

Speaking of ass, mine was a wee bit exposed when I was changing backstage to go on stage as "Santa." That's when the boys of the Bearatones decided I didn't need my pants to go onstage. That my outfit would actually work better without my Santa pants. Thank god I had a jockstrap on last night. With a whiskey in my gut and Juan's permission I decided I'd give it a go.

So, close to the end of the night, I ventured my half-dressed Santa self on stage, where alongside Q Center's Barbara McCullough-Jones, and Our House development director Andrew Tweedie (the night's beneficiary was Esther's Pantry) I auctioned off a tour of Distillery Row and a really cool quilt. It was a lot fun. I was half-naked. And it was all for charity. I love our Oregon Bears.

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