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Beautiful people: "Christian" and "Ana," Tracy Klinkroth, lipstick stained wineglass, Jessica Burns and Tracy, leggy men, assorted hotties and an actual Christian Grey business card

GREY SKIES: It was all very 50 shades of Seattle. Recently I was asked to visit my beloved Seattle (I've lived in this Pacific NW city several times over my life) to a judge a contest. But not just any contest. It was a "look-a-like" contest for the main characters, "Ana" and "Christian" in the very sexy and incredibly popular series of novels by E.L. James called "Fifty Shades of Grey."

Of course, I jumped at the opportunity to be a part of Tracy Klinkroth's "Fifty Shades of Grey Soiree." Come on, who wouldn't? A sexy soiree on the 76th floor of the Columbia Center Tower in downtown Seattle. I wasn't going to miss that.

That's why I took the same route as Ana did to meet Christian. Except I took Amtrak instead of an automobile. And I got to spend the night in the absolutely wonderful W Hotel. My room was right out of the book. Richard Gere, when he appeared in American Gigolo, would have felt right at home in the suite that include floor to ceiling windows, a gorgeous divan, and Dylan Candy Bar lollipops in the mini-bar.

I spent my time prior to the soiree roaming the city, devouring a farm to table lunch from Chef Jason McClure at Sazerac, going to coffee shops that served seven dollar cups of joe (a Starbucks no less), and shopping (I wish Portland had a Barney's).

At 6:30 pm I donned an all-black ensemble and headed to the all black Columbia Tower Club. At the 40th floor I met the lookalike contestants (and noticed yet one more Starbucks, this one with a really good view). On the 76th floor I got to judge the contestants, and frankly, the rest of the crowd too. I was impressed how well dressed Seattle-ites are ( no dress jeans in sight) and how into the party they were. These folks were here to have some sexy fun.

The party itself was split into several rooms. One was for drinking. Another for dancing. Another for..well...playing. I loved the room with the corseted cookies and cupcakes featuring silver neckties.

Two models, from Portland no less, were hired to portray "Ana" and "Christian." I recognized the young gent. He used to be one of the hot waiters at Departure Lounge. His Ana was his real-life girlfriend. The next day they were heading south to see her parents. How cute is that??

The view could not have been better of Seattle, or its residents. Congrats to event organizer and all-around party gal, Tracy Klinkroth. This lady knows exactly what she is doing when it comes to sexy soirees. Word is the party might be coming south to Portland. And that's a good thing. Whatever you may think of the book this event will ignite all your naughty bits, and just maybe, spank you in all the right places...if you are lucky.

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