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The Santas and Bananas at NoPDXAnticon and North Portland Bananacon

SANTAS VS. BANANAS: NoPDXAnticon organize events that take place in North Portland. And one of their biggest and most well-known events is the NoPDXAnticon/North Portland Santacon...aka "the other Santacon."

With a 12:30 start time on Saturday, at the infamous starting point that is the GIANT Paul Bunyan sculpture, I could tell that this year's event was going to be a little different.

That's because there were BANANAS everywhere.

Over the years, reindeer, elves and speedos have infiltrated this neighborhood pub crawl, but this was the very first year that I saw sooo many bananas.

At the starting point the "great Santa and Banana Divide of 2012" was clearly evident.

The saintly Santas didn't seem to want to have anything the rough and tumble banana-clad crowd. But the bananas—who did not sing holiday songs opting for house music instead—seemed benevolent except when a couple of the more ripe bananas decided to dry hump in the middle of the street on moving vehicles.

The first stop on the schedule for the Santas and Bananas was Mayor Sam Adams home. They were their to "decorate" his house. Except they were early and had to come back about 45 minutes later so the mayor could greet them warmly and then, as traditon dictates, tell them to "get the fuck off my property."

The ho-ho-holi-day highlights included hooking up with the annual Santa speedo run, donating toys and canned goods to those in need, and dancing their jollies off with DJ Banana at The Tardis Room. And there was drinking. Lots of drinking.

If Bananas and Santas can get along...well...maybe there is hope for the rest of the world. Click here for more interesting information!

B.T. Dubs: That other Santacon, with the Caco kids, is happening Dec. 8th.

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