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CELEB--FASHION-WATCH: Last Sunday's Lifetime movie, Liz and Dick, starring Lindsay Lohan was universally panned by the critics—and her fellow celebrities.

But one thing wasn't: Lohan's, and fellow actor, Grant Bowler's fashionable attire.

Did any of you know that Portland played a role in making "Liz and Dick" look so good?

That's right. The film's costume designer, Salvador Perez, searched high and low for just the right ensembles to transform Lohan into the most "beautiful woman in the world." That search lead him to Portland, Oregon and the legendary Ray's Ragtime on SW 10th Avenue and Morrison Street.

In an interview for Perez said:..."I even flew to Portland, Oregon to a fabulous vintage shop I know called Ray’s Ragtime. The collection at Ray’s was amazing; I bought vintage Dior, and Lilli Ann suits, and several of Elizabeth’s party dresses and hats. Men’s suiting fabrics have changed so much, and both Lindsay and Grant wore the vintage costumes so well – it was a costume designer’s dream!"

And a dream for Ray Tillotson too. "Sal spent the day with us last March," said the owner of Ray's Ragtime. "He must've bought around 500 pieces of clothing and jewelry. I met him when he was doing a Cuba Gooding movie in Portland and he is super sweet. We were happy we could provide so many vintage items for him."

So, even if you don't want to watch the movie, you might take a peek at it for the fashions. Who knows, it might've have even been hanging in the closet of your great aunt at one time. And if you want to look like Liz Taylor now you know where to go.

Ray's Ragtime is located at 1001 Southwest Morrison Street  Portland, OR 97205 (503) 226-2616

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