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CELEB-U-WOW: Our second day in New York City started early...really early.

At 6:45 am on Thursday we caught a cab and headed to West 57th Street, the home of CBS studios as well as Anderson Cooper's talk show, "Anderson Live."

Our fairy-god-friend, Samantha, had secured tickets to see a taping of his frothy morning show. It's filmed in Nate Berkus's old studio and we lined up outside in the bitter cold as we were told to be there no later than 7 am. That's where we waited with a colorful cast of characters who were there to see the taping too. There was the large group of ladies from Long Neck, New Jersey. And the gaggle from Google (it was their bosses idea for her wedding shower). The strange guy from the Village Voice was there. As were the semi-stalkers who do the morning talk show circuit. And the very odd couple of Canadian men from a very small town theater company could've easily walked off the set of "Waiting for Guffman."

As for the "waiting," we waited for about an hour-and-a-half to go on set and sit in our seats. During that time I volunteered Juan and I to be part of the "tweet seats." That meant, if we tweeted, we would get a photo with Anderson after the show. We tweeted. Boy did we tweet.

The show kicked off "live" at 9 am. Anderson's co-host was Snooki Polizzi from MTV's "Jersey Shores." Let's just say Snooki is no Kathie Lee, but she is incredibly beautiful in person and seemed to keep Anderson (who looked dog tired) awake. We missed seeing him co-host with Bravo's Andy Cohen by one day. Oh, well.

Anderson perked up a bit during a previously taped segment in which, instead of disappearing off set, he took questions from the audience (the segment just so happened to be with former Bend, Ore. resident, Thomas Beattie, aka "The Pregnant Man"). I asked him if he ever plans to get married. He said: "I have no plans...but you never know...never say never." Other folks asked to hug him, shake his hand and one of the odd Canadian guys asked him to sign his book and then said something completely inappropriate that made Anderson blush.

Anderson blushed a lot. He seemed very awkward in this format. Maybe it had to do with Snooki or his other guest, Bow Wow, who tried to get him to dance. He was a lot more at ease after the show, and even smiled when we took our photo with him. He's a great guy, but I think he needs to slow down a bit. All he does is work.

As for us, we spent the rest of the day with our friend Dre hitting Times Square, Artie's Deli (known for its matzoh ball soup) Hell's Kitchen (and Joe Allen's), The High Line, The Meat Packing District, Chelsea Market and the legendary Pastis.

That night we joined Sam and Dre for a memory-making meal at Le Cirque. My lobster risotto was sooo good. As was the service and atmosphere at one of New York's most legendary restaurants.

Following dinner we were off to see a Broadway show at the Marquis Theater. The show was "Evita" starring Elena Roger and Ricky Martin. It was my first actual Broadway show on Broadway and it was unlike any production I'd seen of Evita. The star here was definitely Ricky (Rogers "Eva Peron" was a bit strange and off-key for my taste). And the set's were more elaborate than I'd seen on the road. I loved, and was surprised, to see that Max von Essen was also in the production, as he had made quite an impression on me and my friends when he performed in Portland in a touring production of "Xanadu"

Following the show, the cast held an impromptu auction for Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS. The most sought after item was a chance to go backstage and visit with Ricky Martin. Our friend, Sam, was the high bidder, so that night, we joined her and were able to spend about 45 minutes with Ricky in his private dressing room. He was incredibly sweet, talked a lot about his kids (he has twin boys), his desire to have more kids, and a few things he left out of his book. He didn't seemed rushed. He just sat on the floor and talked to us. We ended the night with photos and a kiss on both cheeks. Then we had to run the gauntlet of about 500 fans who were waiting outside to see him. And don't ask me about whatever was on his shirt. I think it had something to do with sweat or a shower.

I never thought I'd say this: but we started the day with Anderson Cooper and ended the night with Ricky Martin. How cool was that?

Our day with Anderson Cooper:

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