PostHeaderIcon Stardar Report: Storm Large Performs A LOT This Week


Curtis Thompson, Storm Large and Jeana Frazzini in SE Portland

STORM WATCH: I am a pretty lucky guy. I am seeing Storm Large perform in not one, but two venues this week.

The first was on Saturday at a private soiree in SE Portland. Storm, with band mates James and Scotty, gave an intimate performance in the living room of Curtis Thompson and Joe Mitchoff. It was amaze-balls. And, for just a moment, watching her perform in Curtis and Joe's family room, I felt a bit like Marcia Brady when Davey Jones came a knocking at her door. It was so cool.

On Wednesday I will get to see Storm perform in New York at Joe's Pub. It's a really sweet spot next to the Public Theater and I can't believe I will get to sit with my friends and watch Storm hit her high notes. Let's just say this is one "Storm" that New York is looking forward too.

Below you'll see a few photos from the Saturday night party as well as a video snippet of a new song that Storm has wrote, called Angels in Gas Stations (I apologizes for my video skills). 

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