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Terry Bean, Gov. Barbara Roberts, Storm Large, Lana Veekner, Suzanne Bonamici, Jennifer Willliamson and her hubby Paul, Hilton crowd, Tina Kotek, Juan Martinez, Nigel Jaquiss, Cameron Whitten, Kate Brown, Ellen Rosenblum, Lisa Watson, Jeana Frazzini, John Branam, Ted and Katrina Wheeler

HOW YOU LIKE "DEM" APPLES? I was able to sleep last night. That's because, unlike other election nights, I was very happy with the returns. My President was re-elected. Gay marriage was passed by voters in several states including our sister to the north, Washington state. And many, but not all, of the candidates I supported will soon get to work in the branches of our national, state and city governments.

But I am not here to talk about all that.

I am hear to tell you about the parties, and more specifically the food, I encountered on election night.  My first stop, around 6 pm, was at Treasurer Ted Wheeler's bash, far away from the big shindigs at the Hilton Hotel and inside the billiard room of the Governor Hotel. Ted's spread included sliced meats, a fine selection of cheeses and, I think, a white hummus spread on bread. It was good and probably the best food I encountered that night.

When I hit the Hilton at 6:30 pm I ventured into Suzanne Bonamici deep in the bowels of the hotel. Her food was already devoured. Gone. No empandas. No crudite. Just a few chips and a glowing heat lamp. Her party was so packed it felt like they had been there all day.

Next I went to Basic Rights Oregon and Planned Parenthood's party room. They had plenty of healthy veggies and dips to eat. And, thankfully, they had a credit card machine so you didn't have to have cash to pay for drinks.

I heard Brad Avakian had the best food...including chocolate...but I was never able to find his party.  Nor was I ever able to find out where everyone was getting the pulled pork sandwiches that I saw people eating, but I think they had to pay for those nibbles.

Overall, the food was good, but the taste of victory was so much better. are my photos from last night.

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