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PHAME performers, Robert Goman, Stephen Marc Beaudoin, Bill Dickey, Roey Thorpe, Jeana Frazzini and Amanda Fritz

PURE LOVE: "I see them for who they are, not for who they aren't," Roey Thorpe told me that Sunday night after PHAME's newly imagined gala event: “Sparkle! A Night of Pure Imagination.”

Thorpe was talking about the incredible members that make up the PHAME Academy. These performers truly are gifted and it was wonderful to go to an event in which we could raise monies for their good works. Led by Executive Director Stephen Marc Beaudoin the night truly was full of "imagination" and love. It started during the silent auction at the Governor Hotel and continued in the Ballroom where emcee Kendall Clawson was able to share the mission of this much-needed arts organization.

I was especially moved by the story of an amazing young singer, Aaron Hopson. According to his mother, former Roosevelt Principal and PHAME parent, Bonnie Hobson: "Aaron has had opportunities to flourish beyond anything I could have imagined as a result of PHAME. He is truly a miracle! He began his life 11 weeks too early, and it wasn't always clear that he'd make it. Who would have thought that now at 26 years old he would be holding the solo microphone at a concert in collaboration with Pink Martini, or singing tenor in a small men's ensemble with the Portland Cello Project! In the recent KPTV 12 feature story on Aaron and PHAME, he states he wants to "Sing! (after a pause)... More!"

In addition to Aaron's experiences, PHAME is such a benefit to many other students in the areas of music, dance, theatre, writing and visual art. PHAME students show tremendous growth and confidence through these experiences. They are encouraged and supported by the staff at PHAME in ways that brings about a successful experience for every student. It truly is magical....and incredibly inspirational. What a great night.

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