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The Bawdy Beautiful Review at Bacchanal Ballroom

WALL TO BACCHANAL: Billed as "Happy Hour with an Edge" the Bacchanal Ballroom at the Portland Art Museum is the best party in town...nobody knows about...yet.

In honor of PAM's current exhibit——the buffed-up "The Body Beautiful" —every Thursday night in November (except Thanksgiving) the museum will dramatically shift gears and transform into the "bawdy beautiful" (psst...let's just say this space just might give some of more provocative nightclubs a run for their money). The Bacchanal Ballroom offers a steamy, more-than-slightly provocative, after work social blender that transforms the museum into a high energy dance club.

Each evening will feature a brief floor show that celebrates the physical body: extreme (and slightly disrobed) examples of male and female physique performing synchronized routines choreographed by Jessica Wallenfels. These dancers—The Bawdy Beautiful Review—not only pose as stunning statues but also descend from their perches on high and spend the rest of the night spinning and dancing around the room with the rest of us—and the amazing DJ Zimmie.

Bacchanal Ballroom is a combination of uninhibited live performance art and raucous social experiment for every twist in town. Like they say at the museum: "IT’S GREEK. IT’S FREAK. IT’S CHEEK TO CHEEK."

And those cheeks are pretty damn cute. Who needs to go to Silverado when you can go to the Portland Art Museum?

Bacchanal Ballroom: Happy Hour with an Edge November 1, 8, 15, and 29, 5:30 – 8:30 p.m. 21 and over only. $7 members; $10 non-members. Click here for more information.

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