PostHeaderIcon Boo-tiful: BodyVox's "BloodyVox" Costume Showdown


BloodyVox costume contests, Ashley Roland and Jamey Hampton, Timber Eric Brunner and more of the costume-wearing crowd and performers

BLOODY GOOD DANCE: The always moving BodyVox lives in a world of its own. Some nether world where Gene Kelly might collaborate with Salvador Dali and Bruce Lee on a dance...or is it a dream?

The spirit of BodyVox (and its artistic directors Ashley Roland and Jamey Hampton) shines through in their current production of  "BloodyVox: Fresh Blood" currently playing through this weekend at The BodyVox Building in Northwest Portland.  First premiered in 2010, this Halloween classic features original favorites as well as the debut of new choreography and film elements from Hampton and Roland. It's a strange and wonderful piece and showcases this company at what it does best: pairing movement with humor and just a wee bit of "how did they do that?" shock and awe.

On Halloween night, at a special holiday performance, I was invited, alongside Portland Timber Eric Brunner (who was on crutches due to a recent surgery), to judge a Halloween costume contest featuring members of the audience. Eric picked five and so did I. Ashley was the judge and she narrowed it to four winners. The winners just so happened to include two from my picks and two from Eric's. One of my picks ended up going home the winner. A dressed-up dude in a really cool mask from Indonesia. He would have fit perfectly in the bloody good BodyVox show.

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