PostHeaderIcon Roseanne B. Spotted Worshiping Carrie B. in Portland


STARDAR REPORT: Right now Roseanne Barr is in Portland, Oregon and is plotzing/worshiping/drooling all over Carrie Brownstein, at least she is on Twitter @TheRealRoseanne.

Seems Roseanne arrived in Portland yesterday and has been taping some stuff for Portlandia (so how does that work with Fred in New York?). This afternoon she will make an appearance at a book signing at Powell's.

During her time here, she's been tweeting up a storm about the election (did you know Roseanne herself is a presidential candidate?) as well as Ms. Brownstein.

Here a few choice gems from the mouth that roars: "can u believe that i spaced that carrie brownstein is THAT carrie from sleater-kinney, the most awesome cutting edge band on earth?"

Well, yes, we can Roseanne.

Once Roseanne realized who she was actually performing with she tweeted this: "oh my god I love the way carrie plays the fucking guitar. She is a GREAT ONE! I can't believe I bored her w tales of the rio grande etc".

Gotta love Roseanne.

I am curious where she'll catch tonight's Presidential candidate. She is one commentator I would love to listen to.

Last Updated (Wednesday, 03 October 2012 11:16)

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