PostHeaderIcon Real World Portland-er Was A Hooters Bartender in AZ

Avery  MTV Real Life Portland maybe

FIRST LOOK: Here is your first close up look at one of the cast members of Real World Portland, "Averey."

Averey is the first RWP'er I have been able to get a name and some background on...well...that is, if you don't count the dog, "Daisy" (I found out about the dog earlier today).

My source said the stunningly beautiful Averey said she is "a bartender at a Hooters in Arizona" and "she is here on 'vacation' for 2 months." Word is that she was hooked up to a wireless mic transmitter and was walking a small dog (Daisy). I was told that yesterday Averey went swimming in the Willamette River and last night was at Dante's debaucherous Sinferno night. I was also told she loves Oregon and "all the green" and that she seemed nice.

Last Updated (Thursday, 09 August 2012 12:30)

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