PostHeaderIcon Update: Daniel Baldwin Joining Cast of Grimm


It's a mystery for now who might end up next to David Guintoli and Russell Hornsby on "Grimm"

UPDATE: The investigator is out of the bag. Lake Oswego resident, Daniel Baldwin, announced via Twitter on Thursday, that he is joining the cast of Grimm. Here is his tweet: "So excited to work on Grimm. Great show that shoots right in my back yard. Who knows where they will take Julian Vance?!!!!" According to his tweets it looks like Baldwin will play an investigator on the show. Not sure whether he's a good guy or a bad guy. Hard to tell on Grimm.

BLIND ITEM: The DVR is cleared and ready for the upcoming season of "The Fred & Carrie Show" aka Portlandia.

Seriously, we are sooo looking forward to the new shows, especially the ones featuring all the well-known actors, comics and singers who snuck into town to film cameos (and ended up with "first spotted in Portland" mentions on this blog here, here and, once again, here).

But now we are hearing that another Portland-based show, Grimm, which is also a bit of an audience/cult fave, is going to feature well-known guest actors, including one that might end up as a regular cast member.

We can't mention exactly who that might be, but when it's "officially" announced we will let you know.

Last Updated (Friday, 06 January 2012 07:46)

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