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HARD TO SAY GOODBYE: Just Out has published its last edition.

On its Facebook page the announcement about Oregon's most high-profile gay publication was made around 11 am: "It is with great sadness that I have to announce today that Just Out newspaper, having put up a helluva fight against this dammed "Great Recession", will be unable to continue publishing. Our 12/9 issue was/is our last publication. Thank you for being our "Friends" and for reading Just Out, these past 29 years."

There had been rumblings that the paper was on its way out...but that rumor has been pretty steady for several months, if not years. And, according to insiders, today's decision still came as a "shock" and "total surprise."

"Just Out (was) a bi-monthly LGBTQ newspaper published in Portland, Oregon, United States, founded in 1983 by Jay Brown and Renee LaChance," says its Wiki page. "Former contributors to Just Out include novelist Marc Acito, Pink Martini pianist Thomas Lauderdale, and prize-winning reporter Peter Zuckerman."

I also penned some stuff for them in the last few years (including the Storm Large cover story pictured above).

I have to tell you, working with the Just Out team was awesome, including working with its always compelling publisher, Marty Davis.

When I asked Davis, just after the announcement, if there might be a future on the web for Just Out her response was: "There will Not be an online version."

And as for her own future? "My immediate plans for the future are cleaning out an office containing 29 years of business history," says Davis.

I wish everyone luck in their future endeavors.

And I have to ask this: so where do we get our gay news now?

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