PostHeaderIcon Art Matters: Falcon Bldg.'s Holiday Open House


ARTY PARTY: Brian Wannamaker of the Falcon Art Community joined Allie Furlotti of Calligram to announce the Calligram Falcon Fellowship, which awards 5 artists more than $150,000 of stipends, studio space, marketing and career assistance for a year, to help them focus on their craft. In this first year of the program, the Fellowship is being awarded to painters Alexander Rokoff, Samir Akou Khurshid, Molly Maine, Nathaniel Praska and Stephanie Ann Buer, whose work was on display Saturday, December 3rd from 3-7p.m. at the Falcon Art Community's annual Holiday Open House at 5415 N. Albina Avenue.

This major award is intended to encourage a flourishing art scene in Portland through the direct support of artists and their careers. How cool is that?

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